The 10 biggest missed opportunities in Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village

The ten greatest missed alternatives in Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village

The ultra-popular ones Demon Slayer anime now has two films to its identify, with the Mugen practice The movie was a convincing success in Japan and overseas. The followers liked it Mugen practice movie for a lot of causes, partly as a result of it was a self-contained journey whereas additionally serving as a bridge between the Demon Slayer first and second season of the anime.

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In early 2023, one other associated film got here out: Demon Slayer: In Swordsmith Village. This movie had a a lot cooler reception than his Mugen practice ancestor, partly as a result of it had little or no new materials and simply strung collectively three anime episodes, credit and all, fairly than being a correct animated function. Sure City of the sword had it been a stand-alone journey that served as a prequel to season 3, it may have been a lot extra and included rather more unique content material that followers wished.



10 Character growth for Muchiro Tokito

Muichiro throws a stone

The kuudere Muichiro Tokito is the mist Hashira, and appeared alongside the opposite eight Hashira on the finish Demon Slayerthe primary season of. Since then, followers have discovered little or no about who Muichiro is or how he fights, and the City of the sword The film did nothing to develop his character.

Followers had been led to consider that Muichiro can be the following Kyojuro Rengoku, a scene-stealing film star, however they had been dissatisfied. The City of the sword The film may have carried out much more with him if he was an additional standalone journey, like his backstory and even exhibiting off a few of his mist respiratory types.

9 It exhibits Mitsuri Kanroji’s combating type

Mitsuri Kanroji looks affectionate in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Followers are actually aware of Mitsuri Kanroji because the deredere loves Hashira, and the City of the sword The movie not less than discovered a while to develop on his character. She is fortunately on the lookout for a powerful man to marry someday, which is okay, however the film did not present a lot of her combating type.

Simply cheer up Demon Slayer followers are desirous to see what the love breath is meant to seem like and see Mitsuri’s well-known energy in motion. A greater script for the City of the sword The film would have given Mitsuri an opportunity to shine by combating a demon or sparring with Tanjiro to show her abilities.

8 Exploring the character of Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer.

A lot of City of the swordThe missed alternatives weren’t on the planet constructing, however within the constructing of their characters. This anime’s strongest promoting level is the emotional funding followers have in its heroes and villains, so it is disappointing. City of the sword‘s new content material was only a easy journey.

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For now, Demon Slayer Followers are overdue for a peek into the thoughts of supervillain Muzan Kibutsuji and see what made him who he’s right now. The film gave him a cool new scene with the higher moons, however did not delve a lot into Muzan’s thought course of or backstory.

7 Making Zenitsu braver and nicer

Zenitsu Agatsuma in Demon Slayer.

One other missed alternative for character growth City of the sword it concerned Tanjiro’s dandere pal Zenitsu Agatsuma. Till now, Zenitsu has been nearly a caricature, a loud-mouthed coward who complains and whines about all the pieces, which followers are uninterested in.

Zenitsu upped his sport whereas combating Daki with Inosuke within the leisure district arc, and now his character has to catch up. Followers would have liked for Zenitsu to say one thing City of the sword to mark his private progress, equivalent to a manly vow to by no means cry once more or run from villains like Daki and Gyutaro once more.

6 Giving Nezuko Kamado some dialogue

Little Nezuko is petted in Demon Slayer

For essentially the most half, Tanjiro’s beloved little sister Nezuko retains her bamboo muzzle on so she would not by chance chew somebody or alarm individuals together with her demonic fangs. Nevertheless, the leisure district arc confirmed Nezuko with out her muzzle, like when she overtly cried after combating Daki.

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It was intriguing to see Nezuko with out the bamboo muzzle, and this was a missed alternative to say one thing on this story arc. Certainly, the City of the sword The film may have given Nezuko some dialogue to trace at her eventual return to humanity.

5 Exploring the Akaza and Doma rivalry in depth

tame the devil

The City of the sword The film launched the remainder of the higher moons, which was a pleasant transfer to get followers excited for future arcs. This scene additionally arrange a bitter and brutal rivalry between Higher Moon 3 Akaza and Higher Moon 2’s playful however merciless Doma.

It was intriguing to see these two Demon Slayer the villains confront one another, however the scene did not go into a lot depth. Sure City of the sword had it been a very unique, stand-alone movie, it may have discovered time to tease out not less than just a few juicier particulars about this rivalry.

4 Exhibiting Hantengu and Gyokko combating somebody

Hantengu lurks in the dark in Demon Slayer.

It is comprehensible, the City of the sword The film did not overplay their hand with the brand new Supermoon villains and completely spoiled all of their talents. Nonetheless, the film may have not less than seen Gyokko and Hantengu’s fearsome energy with a quick motion scene throughout their journey to search out and struggle Tanjiro.

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Many motion anime sequence thrill followers by giving them a first-hand take a look at a brand new villain’s talents with out spoiling all of the finer particulars. In a special model of City of the swordHantengu and Gyokko would have made an even bigger impression in the event that they briefly battled some demon slayers on the street to show themselves and construct much more rigidity.

3 Exhibiting Kanao Tsuyuri’s true abilities as a hunter

Kanao Tsuyuri in Demon Slayer.

The silent however extremely expert murderer Kanao Tsuyuri made her debut on the finish Demon Slayerthe primary season, and helped Tanjiro’s staff practice on the butterfly farm. Followers have already seen Kanao wielding a Nichrin sword, however he has but to make use of it in correct fight.

The City of the sword The tie-in film may have depicted Kanao and Tanjiro combating to verify Tanjiro was again to full well being. This might give Demon Slayer Followers get a transparent thought of ​​how highly effective and expert Kanao is, and likewise present her respiratory type in motion.

2 Transferring ahead with Kanao and Tanjiro’s relationship

Tanjiro helps Kanao follow his heart

Anime shippers loved seeing Tanjiro and Kanao develop into associates with one another Demon Slayerthe primary season of. Even when Kanao was a shy dandere who barely spoke, their chemistry on display was plain. Now followers are questioning how lengthy it’s going to take for the friendship to present technique to real love.

sadly, City of the sword little or no progress was made. It confirmed Kanao talking out loud in Tanjiro’s protection, which was a begin, however the film did not proceed. Earlier than Tanjiro left for Swordsmith Village, he and Kanao may have proven followers what they actually considered one another.

1 Giving Tengen Uzui extra scenes

They have Uzui watching Demon Slayer

The flashy sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, fought his last battle towards the Daki/Gyutaro pairing, along with his accidents forcing him to retire early. This makes it a free finish, and Demon Slayer followers are desirous to see the place Tengen’s character arc will take him.

It is too quickly to take Tengen out of the sequence fully, so City of the sword The film may have and will have hinted at Tengen’s destiny. Maybe he has returned to the ninja clan property to attend to non-public issues, or maybe he’s pursuing a brand new pastime or on the lookout for a brand new profession that isn’t too bodily demanding.

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